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Saranac Lake Fishing Adventure (part 1)

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Each year in the fall we make a trek up to Middle Saranac Lake for a fishing/camping trip for 3 or 4 days. It's our official "no wives, no kids, just the guys" trip. I first went there in the early 90's with my Father in Law and a few other guys. When I met Jon and found out that he had a similar interest in the outdoors (and a boat), I had to get him up there. So since 1999 we've headed up and fished for pike, bass, perch and .... peace. . It feels like coming home now when we get there and it's a bit sad when we have to leave.
You will notice as you go through the years and the photography technology migrates to digital, I took many more pictures. We also managed to start actually catching some fish. Each year has it's own share of memories and adventures as well

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Well, as you can see, we had 10 years of adventure at Middle Saranac Lake with one trip to Cheney Pond. Shortly after our 10th anniversary, I took the website down and we also started looking at alternatives to Saranac for our fall trip. We did visit Cranberry Lake, Cedar Rive Flow and Alexandria Bay once each between 2009 and 2015, but as it turns out, Middle Saranac Lake is just too special a place, so we've been returning every year again. Jon has since downsized his fishing boat so we are getting back into Weller Pond which is quickly becoming the favorite spot to camp. We have also added a spring trip in 2013 and started bringing Jon's boys when we can make it the last few years.

Now that the website is being resurrected, it's time to start entering the Saranac trip into this Adirondack Adventure Journal again.
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