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Photo Gallery

So obviously a big part of enjoying the Adirondacks and the outdoors in general is the awesome display of God's creation. Whether it's mountain views, sunsets, wildlife, or prisitine waterways, they are always awe inspiring. Even though the live experience is what we hope to recall, it's nice to have some pictures to look back on to remind us of the sights.

I am not a professional photographer by any means and most if not all of my more recent photos are taken with my phone, but the technology has allowed us to capture the images as close to being there as possible. Many of the photos here are also part of the various Adirondack Adventure trip reports on this site, so these are just some of my favorites.

Flash Photo Albums

NOTE: These legacy photo albums require flash player, sorry no support for iPads etc... Click on the music button to enjoy some music while you browse the photos and read the descriptions.

Adirondack Tribute - Our beloved mountains in all seasons accompanied by some traditional Adirondack music.

White Mountain backpacking - This trip took place in July, 2003. Click here for a more detailed trip report.

Saranac Lake 2003 - Each year in the fall, I try to get to Saranac for a 3 day fishing and camping adventure. More Saranac Lake detailed trip reports here!

Tribute to the Mountain Goat - My favorite hiking partner on some of our favorite adventures.

Macros - A new favorite pastime, taking pictures of the stuff we walk by without noticing.

Phelps Mountain - A winter high peak adventure

Hurricane Mountain - Another winter adventure

Below are a few more of my favorites.

Click on the thumnail image for a larger view

  Rainbow Falls in early spring, a must see in the "dacks.

  A newborn whitetail fawn lies perfectly still in hopes that I'll just move along, which I did after getting this rare photo.

  An early fall sunrise graces Marcy Brook, the filtered rays made for a really cool shot.

  The White Mountains of New Hampshire. Looking from Jefferson's ascent toward Mount Washington's lower ridge.

  A very cold, but beautiful day on top of Hurricane Mountain.

  The adirondack foilage reflects nicely off of Heart Lake.

  This flower was growing right out from between the rocks in the middle of an adirondack creekbed.

  Looking at Colden Mountain and Marcy from Algonquins summit in winter (obviously). Awesome!

Colden and Marcy behind again, this time from Wright Peak in the fall.

  Looking at Colden and Avalanche pass from the flowed lands. (moose and bear country).
  Hikers in the mist somewhere deep in the high peaks region. Spring was well on it's way down below, but not here.

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