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Saranac Lake Fishing Adventure

October 2001

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This year almost didn't happen, Jon took a new job that had us going later than normal and while checking a "minor" leak in the boat a few weeks before, we found a major project that threatened the trip. Anyone else would have said "we can always go next year". Not Jon, he's a mad man on a mission when he puts his head to a project. Missy can attest to this. With a little (very little) help from me, he got "A Hard Days Night" ready just in time. This year we brought Roger along and had the worst weather possible while we were there. I don't suppose we can blame it on him though. Most people wouldn't think spending three days in the blowing snow on a boat or in a cold tent would be fun, but it doesn't get much better when you have the sights and sounds of the Adirondacks and good friends to share in your suffering. Thanks guys!.......... Hey, isn't that Ampersand over there?
Hey, isn't that Ampersand?
Here's Jon and Roger in action, we caught a few Perch from our island during the snow squalls.
I got a big one! ...... not      What do you want ?          
"The Project" - A Hard Days Night
Hmmm...probably won't work without that       Doesn't look good     Work in progress  OK, something is still missing  Nice workmanship ! You don't think it will leak, do you?    Ah !! - Sea worthy once again
Jon, thanks for getting her ready!

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