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Saranac Lake Fishing Adventure

October 2006 (Cheney Pond Wilderness)

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Well, this year the annual fall Saranac Lake trip took place on Cheney Pond which is located south of the high peaks region near North Hudson. Jon needed to be able to get to a phone and check on a family matter so we opted to be close to a road. We also opted for the pop-up instead of my tent so we were living in luxury. 
It rained the first day so getting a fire started was a challenge. We did manage to send enough smoke signals to alert anyone within 100 miles of our location.
Me sendum smoke signals    Wake up Roger!
After basically "hanging out" most of the first day, we decided to head to an area where we could get cell coverage so Jon could make his call. Since we were close by, we also decided to just check out old Frontier Town. I had never been there as a kid but Jon and Roger had fond memories.
Everyone, are you sure?
Well, this posed a small problem. I am pretty sure they didn't mean us though so we allegedly went around this sign and took a little walk down memory lane.
Cool    Abandoned    very cool
Like I said, I had never been, but I think Frontier Town was very appealing as a real "ghost town". It seemed like we were visiting a real town that had long been abandoned as opposed to an old theme park.
There's no train coming guys    Hey guys, I'm pretty sure the train isn't running today.
As you can see, the weather started to clear so the following day we decided to do a little fishing. We had never fished this pond so I wasn't expecting too much success. I think I caught a sunfish and that was about it. There are some good smallmouth bass here according to some other campers that we met later but we never found them. It was still great to be in the Adirondacks with good friends as always.
Awesome!    The fog lifting off the pond in the morning right in front of our campsite. Awesome!
Clear skies, blue water, fall foilage    Got a bite!, wait, no, just a weed.
Well, another year in the books. This trip was sort of bittersweet. The reason for our plan changes was that Jon's Mother-in-Law was very sick. She has since gone home to be with the Lord, so this trip will be dedicated to Toni

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