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Saranac Lake Fishing Adventure

September 2008

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This year was the 10th anniversary of our trip, that in itself is unbelievable to me. We decided we would celebrate by adding an extra day, it always seems like it goes way too fast. We headed up on a Thursday fully expecting to be able to get our pick of the islands. What we didn't expect was the fact that we had to sign in and pay for each nights stay. I guess we were lucky that our island was available because many of them were reserved throughout the Saranac Islands Campground jurisdiction. The State has decided to manage the islands through Columbus day now, so October might be back on the schedule for next year. We'll see. Anyway, we got our island and the weather started out real nice. We were expecting some rain during our stay so we set up a tarp shelter as usual to be prepared.
2008saranac08.JPG (330705 bytes) Nice set up, eh?  2008saranac09.JPG (263220 bytes)
After setting up our "home away from home" for the next 4 days, we headed out onto the lake to see if the fish wanted to cooperate this year. The bass were fairly active in the creek mouth and all of us scored on that first afternoon. The northern pike were less cooperative, I think I had one follow but turn at the last second on the first day.
    2008saranac01.JPG (256016 bytes) This largemouth bass hit a top water bait in the creek. We caught a few smallmouth's as well.
That evening we enjoyed some wild turkey soup under a bright waxing moon and warmer than expected temps for Saranac Lake. We brought some firewood but there was a dead birch tree with a hollowed out center available so we decided to make our own homemade chimney fire. 
     2008saranac13.JPG (263989 bytes) Looks cool but doesn't throw off that much heat. 2008saranac14.JPG (273873 bytes)
The next day we woke up to clouds and the threat of rain, although it remained warm. We decided to hang out and weather the storm rather than go out on the lake initially. We did a little fishing from our island point, old school style. That's right, a chair, a bobber, a beer, and a worm. We weren't very productive in the fishing department but we managed to relax which is really what this trip has always been about. Later that day, the weather brightened a bit and it looked as if the rain was going to end so we decided to give the lake another crack and see if we could entice a pike to hit. Once again, the bass were more cooperative, we actually scored on a few nice small mouths while the only pike that hit for me jumped in the air and spit my spoon back out.
   2008saranac02.JPG (173569 bytes) Jon with his best fish of the trip.
The following day we had really nice weather, unseasonably warm. We spent a lot of time on the lake, fishing or just drifting and listening to music and relaxing. We even managed to get back into Weller pond this year for the first time in a while. The water level was higher then we are used to because of the wet summer. We were in a favorite cove on Weller when Jon decided that the water just looked too inviting and over the side he went. Apparently it wasn't bad at all. No pics of Jon in the lake but I did get it on video.
2008saranac10.JPG (213693 bytes) Here's Roger doing his best to get something to bite in Weller Pond.
The final morning we awoke to fog and some drizzles. Not wanting to pack in the rain, we started cleaning up right after breakfast. It didn't seem like we'd been there for 4 days already, it really flies by!
2008saranac03.JPG (144471 bytes) 2008saranac04.JPG (121451 bytes) 2008saranac05.JPG (119248 bytes) 2008saranac06.JPG (122830 bytes) 2008saranac07.JPG (156627 bytes)

From the point on our island on the last morning, a frame by frame panorama of the lake.

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