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Saranac Lake Fishing Adventure

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October 2007

9 years and counting, I can't believe it.!

This year we decided on October again and believe it or not, we actually got "our island" back. 

The weather report called for heavy rain the first day and I was concerned that we would be traveling on the boat and setting up in the rain, but it wasn't bad at all. In fact it turned out quite nice. I even caught a pike right from the boat while still tied up at the island in the late afternoon.
Ampersand at sunset, what rain? Nice afternoon   First gator Charlie is on the board
We spent most of the first day preparing for the worst even though the predicted weather hadn't arrived. We built a tarp shelter to keep our stuff out of the rain and set up a nice sitting area for hanging out. I can't believe I didn't take a picture of our tarp city! Anyway, the first night was nice and we woke up to a beautiful bright day.
Nice Hey, who's in my fishing spot?
We headed out after a good breakfast and started at a favorite spot in a bay, but the fishing was very slow. We managed only a few hits a piece and Roger landed a bass. Oh yeah, Jon caught a lure that Roger had dropped in the water so that counts as two fish apparently.
        Wake up dude What, not the perch king this year?
Shortly after this photo was taken, things started to turn ugly weather wise. I guess the weather man was just a day late in his forecast. We didn't do too much more fishing before the sky opened up and it started pouring so we headed back to the island and our tarp city shelter. We spent the rest of the day and late into the night hunkered down as the rain continued for about 12 hours.
Toasty Who put the green branches in there?
The rain ceased late in the night and the full moon lit up the horizon and reflected off of the lake as the clouds dispersed in that direction. We had a debate about the origin of the strange glow, but it was a very cool sight, that's for sure. You'll have to take my word for it.
    The next morning we awoke to a cool and cloudy day but no rain or snow. Of course it was time to start taking down the tarp shelter, cleaning up and packing up. I hate that part of the trip. The view of Ampersand from the boat showed that the rain had turned to snow at higher elevations, and that winter was indeed only around the corner in the Adirondacks.
    Snow on Ampersand It looks cold up there.
In conclusion, not a stellar year for fishing to say the least, but a good time was had by all as usual. The wilderness seems a little more "wild" in October when there aren't too many other fools up there but the fishing doesn't seem as good. So we have a decision to make next year for our 10th annual trip. Stay tuned!

Yes, that is Ampersand over there.

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