Sherman Mountain
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Sherman Mountain (Bushwack / Snowshoe), March 2002

Our snowshoe adventure to Sherman Mountain was my first "bushwack". We brought along a topo map, a description of the hike and of course a GPS unit. I think we would have done just fine even without the GPS because the unit only confirmed our estimations of where we were and where we needed to go. It is still nice to have one as a confidence builder. We had unseasonably warm weather preceding the week of the hike and not much snow this winter anyways so there wasn't much deep snow. The shoes proved necessary though as most of the previously melted snow had refrozen and would have been difficult to walk on without them. The hike was very scenic with a mix of conifers and hardwoods. A small stream flowed between the two mountains and there were some nice cliffs. The most unusual thing about the hike was that we found a beaver pond on top of the mountain. I just never expected to see that. It looked to be active as you can see by the recently chewed tree in the photo. The weather that day was very cold and windy, on top of the mountain the trees were groaning in pain and I was sure one was going to fall on us at we stopped for lunch.
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Here's the stream between the two mountains     Looks wet and cold
Here's Jon crossing the stream on a log that we were lucky to find.   Don't fall  
Who needs a log to cross?    Getting air
Here's the evidence that lead us on the search for the beaver pond.    Beaver evidence
The beaver pond looking very cold.    Cold
Here's the 3 Amigos standing on the pond, also looking very cold.   3 Amigos   
This is what can happen when your going downhill and your legs are like rubber.    Faceplant !

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