Cascade Mounatin
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Cascade Mountain, October 2002

Cascade is a very accessible high peak and easy as a climb because of the gain in elevation on the road adjacent to the trailhead. At only 2.4 miles to the summit with an elevation gain of 1900 feet, it is most likely the easiest of the high peaks to climb. I went with the PBC Hiking Club, so it was a Saturday hike. It was the peak of the leaf watching season so I expected it to be crowded but I was still amazed at the number of hikers we encountered. Old and young, 2 legged and four. The trail is pretty well eroded because of the traffic. Unfortunately, while we were on the summit it was in a cloud and the wind was blowing so hard we didn't want to wait very long for the sun, which did come out once we were back down. It would have been nice to see the other peaks showing off their colors. We did get a brief break while we were on a ridge below the summit and were treated to a nice view of the Lake Placid area. The drive up and back was nice and the experience on the top was awesome.
This mountain is also featured on my Porter Mountain page
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    A shot of the foliage from the first ledge with a view, just before the clouds covered us
    Here's Brian testing the velocity of the wind on the summit
   Cat, Goat and I near the summit fighting the wind
    Cat and Denise on the summit
    A shot of the whole group on a lookout below the summit

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