Snowy Mountain - Winter
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Snowy Mountain, February 2001
Snowy Mountain was one of my first "challenging" day hikes and I still love to climb it. This was my first attempt to snowshoe to the summit. I went with 2 friends on Groundhog Day, 2001. The snow at the top ranged between 4-5 feet deep. It's really strange to see the trail markers on the trees at your feet! The picture of the tree (first thumbnail) doesn't do the experience justice. When I saw this tree, we were on our final ascent. If you've ever hiked to the summit, you know how steep it is. Looking up, I thought I was being watched by a winter mountain spirit in the form of a dead tree covered with snow. The eerie quiet up there only added to the effect.......Awesome!!
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Eerie mountain spirit   This is the tree that was watching over the mountain that day.
Deep snow   Just about to start our final ascent, the drift I am standing in is over 6 feet deep.
Heavy snow   At the top with Jon.
Is Roger wearing jeans?   Jon and Roger at the top, look at those big flakes!........... No, I mean the snowflakes!

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