McKenzie Mountain
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McKenzie Mountain, December 2001
The McKenzie Mountain wilderness area is located in the heart of the Adirondacks, just north of the High Peaks and sandwiched between Lake Placid and the Saranac Lakes region. Talk about a view from all sides. While the peak is shy of 4000 feet, the trail is long and moderately difficult in the winter. We encountered quite a few icy spots on the way up the narrow final ascent. There wasn't enough snow to use the shoes so we just carried them, that's always fun! There is also a "false peak" thrown in there to test your resolve. I would have to say that this climb produced one of the best views I've experienced. The day was very clear and we could see the Champlain Valley which looked like a cloud that settled on the ground. The view of the high peaks to the south was awesome as well and we could see the Olympic ski jump from our vantage point. Looking west we could see the village of Saranac Lake and the chain of lakes behind it. I think I see Ampersand over there!
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It does look Placid    A view of Lake Placid and points east from the top.
Fresh powder      At the crossroads of the JackRabbit trail. This trail will take you to Lake Placid.
Preparing for a long hike   At the trailhead loading up.
The machine    Here's Roger taking a short breather on the way up.

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