Hadley Mountain in Winter
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Hadley Mountain , March 2005
Well, with winter about to make room for mud season, I wanted to get out with the snowshoes at least one more time. I invited a few of the regulars, but they couldn't make it. I was joined by a newcomer to snowshoeing and hopefully a new regular in our hiking circle.
Jon and I started out on the trail at about 9:30 in the morning. Hadley is a fairly short hike and not too far from home so what's the sense in getting up at "0' dark thirty" right? The day was promising to be one of those awesome late winter/early spring Adirondack days. The skies were nearly cloudless and the wind was nearly non-existent. Temps were promising to hit 40.
The trail was in great shape, the winter's traffic had packed it down very well. We could've bare-booted but we opted for the snowshoe experience. It helps keep the trail in good shape if you don't make holes with your boots anyway. Along the trail there were some nice ice formations and the woods were very quiet. We were also the only ones on the trail at that time so it was very peaceful.
We made the plateau just before the summit well before lunch time, so we stopped at the old cabin and gave our snowshoes a rest. I wanted to climb the fire tower so the shoes had to come off for a while. I found the old root cellar and couldn't believe how much it has caved in over the last few years. If you check out my other Hadley Mountain page, you'll see a picture of Brendan actually standing inside the entrance. Here
The old fire tower is still intact and it was actually open so we enjoyed some views from the top while being sheltered from the wind.
    hadley05shadow.jpg (35176 bytes)   
The views from the southern exposure of the frozen Great Sacandaga Lake were awesome. In late summer, you can enjoy wild blueberries from the ledge with this view.
After enjoying lunch on the peak and enjoying the views from all sides, it was time to head down. Shortly after we began our descent, we noticed some side trails where other hikers had bushwhacked. We had the snowshoes so we decided to make use of them. Besides, I wanted to make sure that Jon's first snowshoe adventure would at least cause the top of his snowshoes to get wet. We took the bushwhack trail and headed in a general direction  that would eventually intercept the main trail. The trail proved worthy of the snowshoes as we got in to some deeper and steeper sections. We both recorded a few official falls and had a great time coming down. At one point, while on a very steep part, one of us commented that it was a good thing that we didn't have to come up that way. That comment would come back to bite us! Shortly after intercepting the main trail we stopped for a drink and to re-group after the rigorous descent. I noticed a caterpillar crawling along on top of the snow, and thinking that was an odd site I decided to get a Macro shot of him. Well, I forgot my small tripod so they came out blurry, sorry. Jon thought about getting a picture also until he went to get his camera out of his pocket and noticed that it was gone. You guessed it, he dropped it somewhere along the bushwhack on the way down. So, we got to find out what it would have been like if we'd gone up that way after all.
Well, as you can see he found it. Of course we had to go almost all the way back up to where we started the bushwhack. Hey, at least we got to come down again and enjoyed some well needed exercise. Do you know he almost put it right back in the same pocket until I reprimanded him. Rookie!
Well, another great day in the Adirondacks was had by all. I think Jon is hooked for life. As far as Hadley Mountain, she's like an old friend now and it was good to see her again. I have and continue to recommend this hike for anyone looking for a fairly easy hike with great rewards. It's also a great snowshoe adventure for first timers.

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