Hadley Mountain
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Hadley Mountain (where it all started)

Revisited in Winter (March) of '05
Hadley Mountain is located at the northeast tip of the Great Sacandaga Lake. This is one of my favorite day hikes for proximity and ease. I think it was my first hike in the Adirondacks as well. I would recommend it as a  first peak for anyone and as you will see it is suited for hikers of all ages. In late summer you can find wild blueberry's at the peak and a fire tower to climb in case the view needs to get better. There is a guide on staff some weekends to answer questions about the surrounding landscape.  
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Mom and Dad with the me and the kids at the top.
Fun for the whole family
A view in late summer from the peak facing west by northwest with the Central Adirondacks in the background. Here's my youngest near the top with Great Sacandaga in the background. This guy is like a mountain goat!
Nice   Mountain Goat in training    
Look at that smile    Here's the Mountain Goat enjoying and apple inside the old root cellar
Ryan and Uncle Charlie  Nephew Ryan and myself at the top.

Here's the old fire tower!  Soon to be an extinct species

We also went as a group with Perth Bible Church

We had 20 hikers ranging from 5 years old to...well, let's just say old enough to have kids in college. The weather was great, it rained a bit on the way up but I like to think that was a blessing to keep us from getting too hot. The enclosed portion of the tower was closed but we could get the the next level below which provided some great views. Some of the kids found some small caves while exploring the many rock formations that are common on Hadley. All in all it was a great day and I think there are now a few more hiking enthusiasts in the world.
PBC Group Shot     Here's the whole group at the trailhead just before we started up
Cave Exploring     Having some fun exploring one of the caves found close to the trail

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