Dix Mountain
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Dix Mountain, August 2002

After doing Giant earlier in the month, Dix Mountain looked too inviting to pass up for long. I was looking for an overnight trip for the Goat and me anyways and the Bouquet River valley looked perfect.
We came in from route 73/Round Pond and were greeted by a Loon at Round Pond in the morning. The Pond was very peaceful. The trail was in good condition, very dry from the drought. We found good water at the Bouquet River but many of the smaller tributaries were dried up. We set up our camp near the Bouquet river lean-to about 4 miles in and headed for the peak after lunch. The trail was very moderate until we hit the base of a large slide and then it ascends about 1600 ft in a little over a mile. We saw a few people heading out, but we had the final ascent and the peak all to ourselves. The 360 degree view on top is awesome. Brendan noticed some "glow in the dark" moss on the trail, we both thought that was pretty cool. We had the campsite all to ourselves as well and after a hot meal we settled in for the night. The valley is very sheltered from the wind because it runs north-south so we were very comfortable. The hike out was nice as well, great weather both days! I need to get the Goat to carry some more gear next time though.
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Yummy     When is this water going to boil anyways?
A couple shots of Brendan (aka Mountain Goat) in camp, how's that freeze-dried beef stew? 
High quality H2O right from the source     Mountain Goat getting some water from the Bouquet River
Hey Dad, I wish I brought my skateboard    At the base of the huge slide on the west side of Dix
Strange but true     Here's the glow in the dark moss we found
Great Range and beyond    The view facing west from the summit
Looks like fun, can't wait to climb it    Grace peak from the summit

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