Big Slide
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Big Slide via The Brothers, September 2003

This hike was planned last minute and I am so glad we chose this mountain and the route. The day was perfect, sunny and warm but low humidity. The visibility was great. I went with the Mountain Goat and Brian. We started from the Garden after catching the shuttle from Marcy field. It is a fairly steep ascent right from the beginning and there are many rock outcroppings to traverse as you move along the ridge of The Brothers (these are lesser peaks with awesome views along the way to Big Slide). The entire Great Range can be seen very early in the hike and the view only gets better as Giant, Dix, Marcy, and Colden join in when you summit. You can also see Algonquin, Wright and a hint of Iroquois. Talk about a Panorama! The trail is in great shape, it looks like it gets a lot of use. We did this hike as a loop descending down the trail to JBL and the Interior Outpost instead of back down the Brothers. I would recommend this if you need to replenish your water as there isn't much at all along The Brothers but plenty the other way. Some hikers continue over to Yard Mountain from Big Slide and then out along the John's Brook which would be nice as well but we wanted to make sure we got back in time for the last shuttle from The Garden.
As usual, the Mountain Goat did awesome. I let him take most of the video on this trip. His narration is good but his steadiness and zoom capabilities need some work. We watched it as soon as we got home that night. He enjoyed spending time with Chester, a medium size dog that did very well with his short legs considering some of the scrambling necessary along the trail. We also enjoyed some conversation with Chester's owners and other hiking parties. All in all a great day!
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Giant    Here's a great shot of Giant from one of the Brothers
BIG Slide, indeed    The view of our destination from the last Brother
Going Up?    The Mountain Goat on a ladder near the summit
    The view from a lookout nearing the summit

Below is a shot of the awesome view from the summit

Wow, is all I can say

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