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Algonquin Peak, February 2004

revisited in July 2004

How many chances do you get to hike on Feb. 29th? Well, one every four years I guess. The weather forecast was calling for 40 degrees and sunny, there was no way I wasn't hiking. I didn't have to twist Brian's arm either. I was prepared to go solo but it's so much better with good friends.
McIntyre range
Algonquin had eluded me in October as I wasn't prepared for the ice we encountered. I knew it wouldn't be long before I was back. We got on trail shortly after 8:30 am and peaked about 1 pm. We didn't rush, we had all day to do the 8 mile round trip. The trail was in great shape, groomed by hikers and cc skiers. We wore the shoes all the way in but probably good have gone bare-boot with crampons just as easily. Some of the hikers we encountered opted for that. 
Frozen Falls    Looks warm ..... not
I got tons of still pic's and some video on this trip. The views of Colden and beyond are awesome from Algonquin's bald summit. The wind was fairly strong, but as I understand it very common for this peak. 
We enjoyed a bit of sliding on the way down, and we both had our moment's of reckless abandon. On one really steep section Brian got out of control at the point of maximum velocity and became a speeding blur of arms and legs with ski poles and snowshoes attached. He ended up none the worse for wear!
This makes #15 on my 46er list and my second winter high peak. I am beginning to develop a preference for winter hiking I think.

Windy ... and cold   Summit

 Awesome    Colden

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