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Saranac Lake Fishing Adventure (part 2)

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May, 2017

With only one ice fishing adventure together this year, we were all certainly itching to get out and do some fishing. Schedules lined up and once again we were able to head to our favorite lake over the Memorial Day weekend. Roger joined us as well.

We got an early start on Friday (the boys played hooky) and before long we were cruising to our destination towing the small rowboat behind. We needed it to fit everything, we seem to bring more stuff every year, you would think we were going for a month by the looks of it. I'm surprised I didn't get any pictures of us on the way in, but as I recall it was raining so....

First order of business was to get our tarp shelter setup as the weather report called for rain most of the first day.

A familiar sight, hey where is Jacob?

Here he is, he took the rowboat, went across the pond and caught this pike. Nice job!

Nothing like to sound of rain on the tarp and the sights and smells of the Adirondacks to relax you. Time to let the stress melt away for a few days. Roger takes this very seriously apparently, he looks quite relaxed.

  I will give my friend a pass on this one, he got called in to work the night before and we all got up very early.

The rain let up enough in the afternoon so we decided to head out and see what would bite.

Jacob seems to be picking up some advice from the masters!

The first day came to an end rather quickly, we enjoyed a nice meal and got a good fire going (yes my boots were wet, but we are not talking about that).

The next morning we awoke to cloudy but promising weather, and after a hearty camp breakfast, we headed out onto the lake for adventure.

  The crew is looking mighty chipper this morning, Roger must've had a good nights sleep.

We started at an undisclosed secret spot in hopes of catching a big ol' female gator still hanging near the spawning area.

Turns out there was a whole bunch of nothing back in there, it's a cool spot though.

Short video from the bow of the boat on the way in to Little Weller Pond

So it was time to head out onto the main lake and see if we could find some fish, we tried a spot that we've never fished before and the boys were quite productive in the bass department.

  Jacob with a feisty Smallie

  Wyatt is on the board, that's a nice one!

  Jacob again, wait looks like we are going to have a double if Wyatt can land his!

Nice, these boys must have great guides!

Ok, this spot is fished out, let's go try to find some pike, shall we?

Hey boys, look over there, do you know what mountain that is?

  Uncle chuck is on the board with a small Northern, they all hit hard though.

Roger is on the board? I guess

And another feisty little Northern is in the boat with a net assist from Wyatt.

Well, the fishing, especially for Northerns was actually very slow this day. With 5 people throwing our most proven lures and presentations in our most productive spots, we only managed these two Pike.  Jon did have one on just as I was about to land mine. It could've been a double but our second mate was not quick enough on the net. We attributed the poor fishing to the weather, the front had just come through the day before and the barometer hadn't settled out yet so..... Sounds good to me.

Back in camp a little early so we could cook up some wonderful steaks that Roger had marinated. Oh yeah, Ash came along again, most of the time you didn't even know she was there.

  A very nice sunset reflects of the new spring foliage, already looking forward to coming back in the fall.

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