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Welcome to my Adirondack Adventure Journal.
While a majority of my adventures have been inside the Blue Line, we did venture into the White Mountains of New Hampshire once. My time spent up north is split between hiking/backpacking the high peaks and other mountain destinations and fishing on Middle Saranac Lake. Of course we fish some of the many other Adirondack Lakes from time to time as well. My hiking passion began in earnest in 2001 when I discovered the High Peaks region. I do not consider myself a "rabid" peak-bagger as I've heard them referred to once, but I am interested in climbing the 46 High Peaks.

I've been blessed with a few friends and family members that also enjoy my passion for being in the Adirondacks so I almost always have a willing partner or two to join me. I hope you enjoy some of the photos and trip reports.

 What's New - I'll try to keep the most recent additions available as quick link's here

September 2016 - Added 4 high peaks to the list - Dix Mountain wilderness range
October 2016 - Another year in the books at Saranac Lake
February 2017 - Added an interactive map of sorts to track my 46er status
April 2017 - Added Esther Mountain , #31
May 2017 - Added Blake Peak, #32
May 2017 - Spring Saranac Trip
September 2017 - Added #33, #34, #35, #36 - Seward Range
September 2017 - Added #37, #38, #39 - Santanoni Range
September 2017 - Added #40, #41, #42 - Panther Gorge
October 2017 - Fall Saranac Trip